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Hi to everyone!!!
Last week I went to Milan for an important event, THE AFFORDABLE ART FLAIR, in which Ludmilla Radchenko showed her fullarts and fashion works.

Siberian Soup FullArt borned 3 years ago to move art in fashion thanks to ecletict style and vibe of Ludmilla, in fact she uses a lot of colours and pop icon.

She loves duplicate her fashion works on silk foulard, leggins and other clothes, with original soup packagings, typical of her Siberian Soup!

The original foulards are made in silk, cashmere and modal, 140x140cm, made in Itay, they are perfect for every occasion..for day and night!

I took part in this event and I knew Ludmilla, she is a nice and friendly woman, and She show me her new creation, that you could see on my pics.
It's a big parfum made mixing a lot of pictures in which Ludmilla rappresented parfum!

I thank her for an amazing gift that she gave me...I'll show it very soon!!! Stay tuned...



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