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Hi to everyone!!!
If you read my blog on the regular, you prabably know that normally I wear not colourful look. Yet even, I couldn't stay away from the SUMMER's trends patterns, prints and colours.

I think what I find most amazing this season are the stripes, that even a print-shy person like me can easily put it into their wardrobe!
So, I'd like to take this opportunity to discuss of this trendy!

The dress that I'm wearing in today's post, is a latest PIERRE MANTOUX swimwear , that I wore like a urban dress! It's my absolute favourite at the moment.
 I love how easy and fowy it is, it certainly has that versatile quality and I can easily dress it upwith accessories with a variety of different colour to completely trasform the way it looks.

I couldn't image talking about this season's trendiest prints without mentioning stripes, it's to easy to wear and works so well with my everyday summer essentials.
Take the dress I'm wearing today, the stripe prints adds a slight romantic feel to this outfit, becuase the print, the colour and the undercovered shoulders are so soft and delicate, it doesn't come across as too vivid or obvious! Love that!!!

What’s your favorite patter or print this season?

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