by - agosto 24, 2017

Hi to everyone!!!
The Summertime is a magical time of the year, the sun glistens, the days are long, the sun is warm, the laughs of the people and the clinks of the glasses!
It's all amazing because everything is calm and the people is the happiest it seems!

I'm spending my summer holiday on boat  and yesterday afternoon, after a long sea day, I was ready for an appetizer with friends.
I love to be barefoot and savage with my curly hair and without make-up, so when I knew that the appetizer was on boat I was happy!

I chose this colorful look and I opted for a fresh and comfy top from YAMAMAY and a beautiful long skirt from ICEBERG!
This mix is fantastc, light blue and orange are summer colors, they give a chic touch at the same time!
Do you like my look?

However, Which are my summer secrets? Spend a SAVAGE HOLIDAY!
It's hard for me live during the year, everyday I must be perfect, high heels, chic and office looks, perfect make up and hairstyle and to be always serious!
But now I can to be the "real" Francesca, enjoy the nature, the sea and the simple things!

What do you think?

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